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JARC's Downtown Juneau Repeater (KL7JRC-R) is located on Mt. Roberts, seen here from across the channel in Douglas, Alaska. No need to worry about your handy talkie from cruise ships as the repeater is a thousand feet above you!

Yukon Amateur Radio Association repeater map page link. Click HERE

Cruise Ship Passenger Guide

Repeater Status (as of 10/2017) See latest Newsletter for current operations

​As noted, some of these repeaters are linked. All are open repeaters and visitors are welcome. Repeater use is encouraged; simplex doesn't work all that well in our hilly terrain. Please frequently pause so other traffic has an opportunity to break.

Juneau Repeaters
Repeater Location H - T  Frequencies Condition
Mt. Roberts Tramway R146.820-/T146.220 Operating normally
Lena Point R147.000-/T146.400 Operating normally
Hoonah Mountain R146.700-/T146.100 Not operating, equipment removed
Haines Repeater R147.060+/T147.660 Not operating, needs minor repairs
Skagway Crossband 444.060+/T147.060 Equipment removed
Pederson Hill 147.300+/T147.900 Operating normally










Juneau Private IRLP Repeaters
Callsign Frequency CTCSS
KL2ZZ 147.120 (+0.6) 123 Hz
WA6AXO 444.700 (+5.0) 141.3 Hz
WA6AXO 146.880 (-0.6) 100 Hz
KLOTN 147.42 Simplex 100 Hz


Yukon Amateur Radio Association Repeaters:

-Chilly Ridge 146.940 (-0.6) 100 Hz sub audible tone

-Eaglecrest 147.360 (+0.6) 100 Hz sub audible tone


Juneau/Alaska Nets to participate/listen to
Net Website Freq Alaska Time
Alaska Pacific Net 14.292 MHz USB M-F 08:30
Alaska Snipers Net 3.920 MHz LSB Daily 18:30
Alaska Bush Net   7.093 MHz LSB Daily 20:00
Motley Net   3.933 MHz LSB Daily 21:00
Club Roll Call Net   147.300 MHz Tuesday 19:00


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